Program Structure

The two-year Administrative Fellowship program is comprised of a combination of institutionally structured rotations, projects and fellow-directed activities. The first 30 to 60 days of the first year is spent gaining an understanding of a broad spectrum of hospital and system departments through shadowing and informational interviews, and may involve participating in a project as determined by institutional need. The fellow will then begin the first of three to four rotations, during which s/he is embedded in various departments within the system. In addition to the rotations during the first year, the fellow engages in a long-term process improvement training class and leads a process improvement project that may or may not be in an area of rotation. Projects are selected from current organizational priorities, such as business development, strategic planning, hospital operations and community service. The second year is spent serving as an interim manager of a department that is selected based on institutional need and the fellow’s goals and skills. Administrative Fellows are partnered with a mentor team comprised of a Vice President and a Director. The mentor team provides a mutually rewarding and satisfying experience for Administrative Fellows and members of Northwestern Memorial leadership by fostering a relationship between experienced leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles.